Rental Procedure and Policy

At Cowan Costume Rentals customer service satisfaction as part of your costume rental experience is top priority.  Before renting your costume, let us explain the procedures we have in place so that your rental transaction goes smoothly. 

Each rental costume has a daily rental price. The rental price depends on the costume, however our average costume rental is $35.00 per day. If you need the costume for more than one day the fee will be 1/2 of the original rental price for each additional day.
A Security Deposit is required for each costume to insure that our costumes are returned in a reasonable condition.   The 2 most popular ways of leaving the Security Deposit is by check or manual imprint of your credit card. We HOLD the check or credit card receipt and RETURN it to you once the costume in its entirety has been returned to Cowan Costume Rentals.  We never deposit your check or run your credit card so leaving the security deposit will in NO WAY affect your checking account....unless you choose not to return the costume.  The security deposit will be waived for our customers in good standing who have rented from us at least twice before.  

The rental fee and deposit are due at the time of rental or when you are making a reservation for another day and are separate transactions.  We accept cash, credit/debit card or check for the rental fee and as we said earlier a check or manual imprint of your credit/debit card for the deposit.  If you are renting more than one costume we can combine the deposits.

Once you have chosen your costume(s) we will require information about you that will be entered into our database for your security and ours.   This is your name, address, contact phone numbers, an email if you would like updates or discounts, driver's license number and date of birth.   

When payment has been made you will sign a Rental Agreement that is located on your receipt.  This will also have your deposit information on it.

Rental Policy

Late Fees:   50% of rental fee per day

Return Check Fee:  $35.00

Security Deposit:  is 100% REFUNDABLE upon return of all rental or loaner items in good condition.

Damage:  Damage in excess of normal wear and tear may result in forfeiture of Security Deposit.

Missing Items:  Security Deposit will be held for up to 5 days following the original return date to allow missing items to be returned.  Any items not returned within the 5 day grace period will result in forfeiture of Security Deposit.

Alterations: May NOT be made to any costume without prior consent and may result in forfeiture of Security Deposit.

Reservation Cancellation Policy

We understand that circumstances can arise where you may need to cancel your costume reservation.  Please come in as soon as you can to cancel your reservation,  below is the policy for reservation cancellation:

3 days prior to reservation date:  Full Refund

2 days prior to reservation date:  50% Refund

A refund will not be given if you do not cancel within 2 days of the reservation date.


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